About The Creator

I believe pleasant scents are the essence of joy! The English teacher and counselor within can sometimes overanalyze things, and I may feel like I'm drowning; but when it's time to come up for air in my candle shop, the aroma is so sweet. I want women to know that self-care is not a luxury but an essential and empowering act of self-preservation.

Each scent is hand-poured in Evington, Virginia, with careful consideration and love. Sometimes I seek solace alone in my shop, as it is my retreat. Oftentimes, my husband, my Twisted Flame, joins me. 

Along my candle-making journey, thus far, the people I've encountered, and relationships built along the way have been most fulfilling. New faces have become familiar friends; customer testimonials have become our truths and encouragement to persevere. I've realized that I will never stop seeking greater heights, as there are no time limits on dreams. What God has for me is for ME, and I am claiming it!