About The Creator

As a former English teacher and counselor, I find joy in the essence of pleasant scents. While I may tend to overanalyze things, stepping into my shop offers a sweet aroma that brightens my day. I believe that self-care is not a luxury but an essential and empowering act of self-preservation, one that I encourage everyone, especially women, to embrace.

Each scent is meticulously hand-poured in Evington, Virginia, with care and love. My shop is my sanctuary, offering solace and tranquility, where I find respite from the world. Sometimes, my husband joins me, helping to craft our items and becoming an integral part of our retreat.

My journey has been remarkable, filled with new faces that have become cherished friends, and customer testimonials that serve as both truth and motivation. Through it all, I've found strength in my faith, knowing that what is meant for me is guided by a higher power. I embrace this journey wholeheartedly, trusting in God's plan for me!